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Investment Plans

At Assured Crypto Exchange - Hub, We have laid-down and most profitable Investment Plans which are outlined Below:


10%24 Hours
  1. Minimum Investment : $50
  2. Maximum Investment : $499


15%20 Hours
  1. Minimum Investment : $500
  2. Maximum Investment : $1499


15%15 Hours
  1. Minimum Investment : $1,500
  2. Maximum Investment : $3,999


20%15 Hours
  1. Minimum Investment : $4,000
  2. Maximum Investment : $9,999
Best Plan


30%7 Hours
  1. Minimum Investment : $10,000
  2. Maximum Investment : Unlimited

Why choose us

Highlights of our Most Important Features and Reasons why you should choose us are explained Below:

Expert management

We've set up a global team of professional accountants, trading experts and top security professionals,who have been trained to take a risk based approach to ensure our clients assets and Investments are managed and protected at the maximum levels, while maintaining exceptional performance and peerless client experience.

Verified Security

Earning the trust of our clients has always been our highest priority. We earn that trust through the best Security in the business and in affiliation with securities and investment board limited; (SIB) at the instigation of the UK chancellor of the exchanger, most of our digital assets are held safely en “cold wallets” to make it impossible to get into the hands and reach of bad actors. Our platform provides world class financial stability by maintaining full reserves of healthy block chain relationships and the highest standards of legal compliance.

Instant withdrawals

Among the Factors that makes us stand out from other Bitcoin Investment Platforms is our Instant Withdrawal Feature which is fully Automated and sends out Investment Withdrawals to Client's Blockchain Wallet Immediately the Request for Withdraw is validly filled.

Live customer support

Coina Online support is always active 24/7.

Most Recent Deposits And Withdrawals History

Outlined below are the Top Most recent Deposits and Investments Withdrawals made by our Clients. Protecting the privacy of our clients have been our utmost priority. Hence we only List first Names and Omit Other Names and last name of our clients.

Last Deposit

Name Date Amount Currency
Cenelli Sep 15, 2020 $1550 Bitcoin
Camila Alejandro Sep 15, 2020 $1300 Bitcoin
Lily Cheng Sep 17, 2020 $735 Bitcoin
Calluen Saleey Sep 17, 2020 $500 Bitcoin
Simon Sep 19, 2020 :$250 Bitcoin

Last withdrawals

Name Date Amount Currency
Arnold Sep 15, 2020 $2000 Bitcoin
Jhon Abra Sep 15, 2020 $1500 Bitcoin
Lanisha Sep 16, 2020 $1300 Bitcoin
Gongales Sep 17, 2020 $1000 Bitcoin
Admond sayhel Sep 18, 2020 $800 Bitcoin
Remond Sep 19, 2020 $600 Bitcoin

Referral Bonus

As A Bitcoin Investment Platform with the user-satisfaction being our utmost priority, We also offer Referral Bonus to our members and they are outlined below:


Level 01 instant 4% Bonus reward


Level 02 instant 7% Bonus reward


Level 03 instant 10% Bonus reward

Highlights of Factors and Points that Made us the Best Bitcoin Investment Platform

At Coina UK, We make it our Top Priority to keep the client-profitability and Satisfaction at the Highest Regards, hence, the following factors put in place to ensure your Trading and Investment experience would be remarkable.

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Payments Gateway

Coina is a Bitcoin Investment Company only, therefore, our Accepted Payment Method and Withdrawal Gateway is ONLY Bitcoin.